Knowledgesmith is...

A blog founded in 2015 by Richard Smith, who is passionate about all things relating to human knowledge processes and technology, and synthesises his experience and reflections from academic study, practical experience in electronic and computing technology, and business and organisational management into the distilled information contained in this blog.

Richard's real world experience and expertise include:

Over 19 years experience in managing Digital Product, Software and ICT Systems Development and Implementation, including:

  • Mobile (Native and PWA)
  • CRM, Social Networks, and Websites
  • ERP and Collaboration
  • Networks and Data Center Infrastructure
  • Customer Account, Transaction and Revenue Management

Within the following industries:

  • ICT - Hardware and Software 
  • Media and Marketing - Digital and Print Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail/Distribution FMCG

Formal qualifications:

  • PMP Certified through the Project Management Institute - www.pmi.org.
  • Post-graduate Honours degree in Information Science, specialising in information and knowledge management.

Richard's background is in information technology having owned his first computer in 1984 - a ZX Spectrum 48k, learning how to hand code and leading to creating, designing and coding a text based adventure game called "Minstrel's Minion" at the age of 14 years, which can be played online here - http://minstrel.flcl.co/.

He also has a passion for electronic music which he composers, arranges and sometimes performs solo under the name of Kliktrak - www.kliktrak.com.

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